Answers to common questions about our products

We would like to re-state, that all our products are from small batches, hand-picked and completely natural. We only sell what we grow and eat ourselves. 

How do I know if this honey is pure?

Maaticha Honeys have been lab tested for purity. Also, we can guarantee that we have responsibly sourced the honey directly from tribal beekeepers, without any adulteration. If you still don't believe us try this simple test with our honey. Add a few drops of honey to a glass of water. Maaticha honeys will settle at the bottom, without any dispersion.

What is single-origin/ monofloral honey?

Monofloral or Single-origin honeys, are a type of honey which has a distinctive flavour and attributes, due to being made by the honey bees predominantly from the nectar of one plant species. Just to clarify, Maaticha honeys have not been infused with any flavour. The distinct colour and flavour profile of each honey is due to the difference in the nectar of the flower on which the honey bees feed on. 

Why does my honey crystallize?

Many assume that honey which is crystallized to be adulterated or unnatural. THIS IS NOT SO. Crystallization is a natural process, and it depends on which flower nectar the honey has been sourced from. Some honeys like sunflower nectar honey have a higher crystallization rate. So if you see some sediments/ crystals in your honey, it is completely normal.